Integration between ToothFairy and Google Calendar

ToothFairy is a software for dentists. There are many modules such as an organizer, patient’s cards, a director module, a storage etc. We have done an integration between ToothFairy and Google Calendar. It will help dentists because they will see patients that are going to visit them not only in ToothFairy, but also in Google Calendar. If there is a record in dantist’s organizer in ToothFairy he will see the same record in GoogleCalendar. He just need to log in into his google account from ToothFairy and then got access to GoogleCalendar. So, there is a necessary permission to give access for ToothFairy to get Google Calendar. Also there is a syncronization from ToothFairy to Google Calendar that’s means that if there is a new record in Organizer in ToothFairy, you’ll see this record in Google Calendar.